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Ningbo Haode Pet Products Co., Ltd is one of the China Custom Cat Tease Stick Suppliers and Cat Tease Stick Manufacturers, we specialize in manufacturing Custom Cat Tease Stick for sale at a favorable price.

With study of market and customer needs, Haode never stops its footprint to develop and make our products outstanding in the worldwide. Haode has a complete management system and quality control program, so each product is under control of QA. Haode products have own appearance patent certificates in China and abroad, Mr Bear is our self-own brand.

Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions, Whatever a single product or complete sets of mold development.


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The main products are dog chews, dog toys, cat toys, feeders, pet mats, etc.

Cat Tease Stick Industry Knowledge Extension

Unveiling the Features of Cat Tease Sticks
1.Interactive Design:Custom Cat Tease Stick feature an interactive design that allows owners to control the movements of an attached feather or toy. The stick is typically long, providing a safe distance between the owner's hand and the cat's claws. This design allows for interactive play and mimics the movements of prey, triggering a cat's hunting instinct and encouraging them to engage in active play.
2.Feather Attachments:Feathers are a common attachment found on cat tease sticks. These natural materials mimic the appearance and movement of birds or other small prey, captivating a cat's attention. The feathers flutter and dance in the air as the tease stick is manipulated, enticing cats to pounce, chase, and swat at the moving target. The feather attachments add an element of unpredictability to play, stimulating a cat's natural instincts and providing mental and physical exercise.
Benefits of Cat Tease Sticks: Exercise, Mental Stimulation, and Bonding
1.Exercise and Physical Activity:Cat tease sticks offer a fun and effective way to provide cats with exercise and physical activity. Engaging in play with a tease stick encourages cats to run, jump, pounce, and swat, providing an outlet for their energy. Active playtime with a tease stick helps cats burn calories, maintain a healthy weight, and improve their overall physical fitness. Regular exercise also helps prevent obesity-related health issues and promotes a happy and fulfilled lifestyle for cats.
2.Mental Stimulation:Cat tease sticks provide mental stimulation by engaging a cat's hunting instincts and promoting problem-solving skills. The unpredictable movements of the feather attachment challenge a cat's agility, focus, and coordination. Cats must strategize and plan their moves to successfully "capture" the moving prey. This mental engagement helps keep cats mentally sharp, prevents boredom, and provides a productive outlet for their natural instincts.
Bonding and Interactive Play: Strengthening the Human-Cat Relationship
1.Bonding Opportunities:Cat tease sticks create opportunities for interactive play and bonding between cats and their owners. By actively engaging in play with the tease stick, owners can strengthen the bond with their cats. The shared experience of play promotes trust, enhances communication, and fosters a deeper connection. Bonding through interactive play can also serve as a positive reinforcement tool for training and reinforcing desired behaviors in cats.
2.Stress Relief and Emotional Well-being:Interactive play with a tease stick can help reduce stress and anxiety in cats. The physical and mental stimulation provided by the play session releases pent-up energy and promotes relaxation. Engaging in play with a tease stick can also be a great way to redirect a cat's attention from potential stressors or unwanted behaviors. The positive and engaging experience helps improve a cat's emotional well-being and overall quality of life.
Cat tease sticks offer a range of benefits, including exercise, mental stimulation, and bonding opportunities for cats and their owners. The interactive design and feather attachments captivate a cat's attention and engage their hunting instincts. Through play with a tease stick, cats receive physical exercise, mental stimulation, and stress relief. Additionally, interactive play strengthens the bond between cats and their owners, creating a deeper connection and enhancing communication.