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Ningbo Haode Pet Products Co., Ltd is one of the China Custom Double Pet Bowl Suppliers and Double Pet Bowl Manufacturers, we specialize in manufacturing Custom Double Pet Bowl for sale at a favorable price.

With study of market and customer needs, Haode never stops its footprint to develop and make our products outstanding in the worldwide. Haode has a complete management system and quality control program, so each product is under control of QA. Haode products have own appearance patent certificates in China and abroad, Mr Bear is our self-own brand.

Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions, Whatever a single product or complete sets of mold development.


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The main products are dog chews, dog toys, cat toys, feeders, pet mats, etc.

Double Pet Bowl Industry Knowledge Extension

The Convenience of Double Pet Bowls: Features and Benefits
1.Simultaneous Feeding:The primary benefit of double pet bowls is their ability to facilitate simultaneous feeding of multiple pets. With two compartments, each pet can have their own designated feeding space, eliminating the need for separate bowls or staggered feeding times. This feature is particularly beneficial for pet owners with busy schedules or those with multiple pets who require synchronized mealtime routines.
2.Space Efficiency and Organization:Double pet bowls offer space efficiency and organization, especially in households with limited space. Having two compartments in one bowl saves countertop or floor space compared to having separate bowls for each pet. Additionally, the structured design of double pet bowls keeps the feeding area tidy and organized, preventing food spillage and reducing mess during mealtime.
Versatility and Portion Control Benefits of Double Pet Bowls
1.Versatile Feeding Options:Double pet bowls provide versatility in feeding options for pets. Each compartment can be used to serve different types of food, such as wet and dry food or multiple flavors, allowing pet owners to accommodate different dietary needs or preferences. This versatility is especially useful when feeding pets with different nutritional requirements or when offering a variety of meal options to stimulate their appetite.
2.Portion Control:Double pet bowls contribute to portion control, ensuring that each pet receives the appropriate amount of food. With two compartments, portion sizes can be adjusted individually for each pet's dietary needs. Portion control helps prevent overfeeding or underfeeding, supporting healthy weight management and balanced nutrition for each pet.
Considerations for Double Pet Bowls and Design Features
1.Material and Design:When choosing a double pet bowl, consider the material and design that best suits your pets and their feeding habits. Stainless steel bowls are durable, easy to clean, and resistant to bacterial growth. Ceramic bowls offer an aesthetic appeal and are heavier, providing stability during feeding. BPA-free plastic bowls are lightweight and often come with non-slip bases, making them suitable for travel or outdoor use. Select a material that is safe, durable, and easy to maintain.
2.Size and Accessibility:Ensure that the size of the double pet bowl is appropriate for your pets. The compartments should be spacious enough to accommodate their food portions comfortably. Additionally, consider the accessibility of the bowl for your pets. Some double pet bowls come with raised or elevated platforms, which can be beneficial for older pets or those with mobility issues, providing a more comfortable eating position.
Double pet bowls offer convenience, versatility, and efficient feeding for pet owners with multiple pets. With two compartments in one bowl, simultaneous feeding becomes seamless, saving time and space. These bowls provide versatility in meal options and support portion control, accommodating different dietary needs and maintaining balanced nutrition for each pet. When selecting a Custom Double Pet Bowl, consider the material, design, size, and accessibility features that best suit your pets' requirements. With a double pet bowl, you can simplify mealtime routines, ensure efficient feeding, and promote harmony among your furry companions.