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Ningbo Haode Pet Products Co., Ltd is one of the China Wholesale Dog Chew Manufacturers and OEM Dog Chew Factory, we specialize in manufacturing Wholesale Dog Chew for sale at a favorable price.

With study of market and customer needs, Haode never stops its footprint to develop and make our products outstanding in the worldwide. Haode has a complete management system and quality control program, so each product is under control of QA. Haode products have own appearance patent certificates in China and abroad, Mr Bear is our self-own brand.

Our aim is to provide the market and the customers with customized solutions, Whatever a single product or complete sets of mold development.


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The main products are dog chews, dog toys, cat toys, feeders, pet mats, etc.

Dog Chew Industry Knowledge Extension

Precautions for dogs using dog chews
1. The choice of dog chews
First of all, let's talk about the problem of choosing a dog's body type. Dogs that are too large are inconvenient to eat, and dogs that are too small can easily swallow them whole. Like a dog swallowing food, it may get stuck in the dog's esophagus. The second is the hardness problem. A dog's teeth are hard, but its gums are fleshy. If you've chosen good dog chews, you'll find that dogs' obsession with them can lead them to gnaw and gnaw desperately, sometimes with bleeding gums and hiccups.
2. Be careful when dogs chew dog glue
When the dog is chewing dog gum, the owner is relatively quiet. Dogs don't pester you and want to play with you. If the above-mentioned biting gums are bleeding, don't let it chew, at least let it rest for a while before chewing, so as not to damage the gums too much. In addition, when the dog chews a small piece, this good thing should be confiscated, because it may not chew well and choose to swallow it directly.
3. Don't buy colored dog chews for white dogs
If it is a white dog, be careful not to choose inferior-colored dog chews and teethers: this is a matter of experience. I gnawed and gnawed, and then both front legs turned red, and it was hard to wash it off.
4. After eating dog chews for a period of time, replace them with new ones.
The dog may throw it away after biting for a while, and then turn it over to bite when it is bored. Then control the dog's chewing time should not be too long. Dogs with fragile mouths or who already have oral problems are prone to bleeding gums and other problems after long-term chewing.

What is the safest dog chew toys for dogs?
1. Durable: Choose toys that are made of tough, durable materials and can withstand your dog's chewing habits. Avoid toys that tear or break into small pieces easily, which can be a choking hazard.
2. Size: Make sure the toy is the right size for your dog. Toys that are too small can pose a choking hazard, while toys that are too large can be difficult for your dog to handle.
3. Materials: Look for toys made of non-toxic materials, such as rubber or nylon. Avoid toys made of rawhide, bone, or other materials that could break into small pieces and present a choking hazard.
4. Supervision: Always supervise your dog when they are playing with toys, especially if they are aggressive bites.
5. Regular inspection: Regularly check whether the toy has signs of wear and tear, and replace it in time if it is damaged or worn.

Choose toys according to your dog's preferences
Some owners buy a dog bed for their dog and it turns out that it doesn't like to sleep at all, and it's a complete waste. The same is true when buying toys for dogs. Toys should be selected according to the dog's preferences, otherwise, if you buy them and don't like to play with them, you will just wait for the dust to accumulate.
Dogs like sports. Owners can buy moving toys, and play with rubber balls, irregular balls, frisbees, etc. Owners can take dogs outside to play to fully release their energy.
Dogs like to stay quiet. Owners can buy plush toys. A relatively large plush toy can be used as a pillow for the dog, and a smaller one suitable for them to cuddle is enough. By the way, when dogs are in heat, they will especially love plush toys.
Dogs like to chew things. Owners can buy chewing toys, dog chews , chewing ropes, molar sticks, etc., but choose durable ones.
No matter what toy you buy for your dog, you must remember safety first, otherwise, it will be useless no matter how beautiful the toy is.